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Margie's Brands, Inc

It has been a while since I looked at the jam & jelly aisle of the supermarket. But yesterday I was replacing my peanut butter and decided I could use some jams. Every brand of jams I read all had some really bad contents, such as “high fructose corn syrup” and loads of sugar. Then on the upper aisle was something a bit smaller and looked very homemade. The ingredients were much better too - no sugar added, all natural fruit spread. And not just the regular boring fruit spread, but ones made of tropical fruits instead. There were a few varieties to chose from including papaya, mango, or guava. I really wanted to try the mango since I knew how good dried mangoes can be. But I thought I should try something different. So I went with the guava. And I’m glad I did!


At first bite the jam didn’t taste like regular jam, it was actually better! The jam also spreads very easily. Other jams just make my teeth ache, but this one was not too sweet. I really thought more people should know about this great jam. It’s so much better then eating the “fake” stuff. If you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you do. The ingredients and the taste are well worth it.

Thanks Margie and family for putting out such a good & yummy product. And here’s a better explanation of the ingredients from Margie’s website:

Margie’s Fruit Syrups are the only fruit syrups on the market that are not sweetened with high fructose or corn syrup. In fact, all other syrups on the market (with the exeption of pure maple syrups) are sweetened with high fructose and corn syrup.

From a nutritional health standpoint, the leading fruit syrups are made of 17% carbohydrate and (52 g) of sugar. Margie’s Fruit Syrups are made of 11% carbohydrate and (32 g) of sugar. Other non-fruit syrups like maple syrups are made of 21% carbohydrate and (63 g) of sugar.

Margie’s Fruit Syrups are clearly healthier overall. This means that in some cases diabetics would be able to eat Margie’s fruit syrups due to the low carbohydrate and sugar content.